Recyling Tips

Placing the wrong items in your yellow-lidded recycling bin, can result in contamination issues and may cause an entire load of materials to end up going to landfill. Furthermore, it will reduce the value and quality of collected material. The items listed below CANNOT be placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin

By simply changing your recycling habits, you can help towards saving our environment and making a real sustainable impact. ​

Check out what is collected in your local council area before putting your bins out.

Break up or flatten cardboard boxes.

Place each item in the recycling bin as loose items. Do not bag your recyclables.

Containers must be empty. Simply rinse, tip or scrape out solids or liquids from your container prior to recycling.

If a container has a lid, please take it off. This is because the majority of lids are made from mixed materials.

Please place metal lids in the recycling bin and all plastic lids in the general waste bin.

Place any loose shredded paper in an enclosed unwaxed cardboard box/shoe box or paper bag.

Check and ensure plastic number identification codes are accepted in your yellow-lidded recycling bin. If the plastic item has no label or number, it goes in the rubbish bin.

Scrunch/roll aluminium foil products (such as alfoil and aluminium foil trays) into approximately 10cm diameter balls. This is to help ensure that these products are correctly picked up / identified by the metal detectors during the sorting process.

E-waste or electronic waste, cannot go in any of your household bins as they contain potentially hazardous and valuable materials which don’t belong in landfill. Contact your local council to find the nearest drop-off points.

When buying products, try choosing items that have less packaging. Keep a look out for products with packaging that can be recycled back into new products again.

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