Hazardous Materials

Safe handling of toxic & hazardous materials

Remember to never dispose of hazardous materials in household bins.

Hazardous or highly toxic items such as chemicals should never be poured down the drain or put in your recycling or waste bins. If you are unable to immediately dispose of household chemicals, make sure you safely store them until you can.

When you play your part in the correct disposal of toxic items, you reduce the risks associated to human health and the environment. Furthermore, you help to prevent chemicals from ending up in landfill and our waterways are kept clean.

Common waste items that are deemed less toxic than other household chemicals include batteries, household paints, fluorescent lamps and tubes.

Did you know?

Incorrectly discarding of batteries can:

To find out where you can drop off such items including your household chemicals, contact your local council directly.

Some other common household hazardous waste materials include:

Items found around your home labelled with:​​

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