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The APR Kerbside Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Truganina is the only one in Victoria that doesn’t accept glass.

Glass is one of the oldest recyclable products, with a history dating back thousands of years. However today, when it is commingled with other recyclable materials, it becomes a contaminant. On the surface, this might seem confusing – isn’t everything in the recycling bin recyclable?

The simple act of separating glass from other recyclable materials has a positive impact on overall recycling outcomes.

However, when glass breaks – as it inevitably will in either the bin or the compacter – shards of it can get into the other paper and plastics and ultimately damage new, recycled products being created.

Municipal councils who have partnered with APR over the last four years have seen first hand, the substantial benefits of having no glass in the commingled stream.

Improving the separation of household recyclables and having no glass in the kerbside commingled recyclable stream has led to a significant improvement in the quality of all recyclables.

Such benefits include:
  • Eliminate the issue of glass shards that get into all the other recyclables and resources such as paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium

  • Significantly recover more recyclable materials

  • Reduce contamination levels and further divert waste from landfill

  • Address and combat the limitations presented to approachable end market outlets for recyclable products due to glass shards

  • Increase the value of recyclables and quality of end product

The value-added sorting facility site has capability to process:

Recyclables from Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional councils that have removed glass out of their yellow-lidded recycling bins

Paper and Cardboard

Paper and Cardboard

Plastics such as HDPE, PET, PP and Soft Plastics



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