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Specialising in Circularity of Recyclable Materials

Specialises in Glass out Innovation

APR Kerbside is an Australian family owned business that specialises in glass out innovation, ensuring quality products in and out and circularity of recyclable materials.

​​The APR Kerbside Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Truganina is the only one in Victoria that doesn’t accept glass. Improving the separation of household recyclables and having no glass in the kerbside commingled recyclable stream has led to a significant improvement in the quality of all recyclables.

​Municipal councils who have partnered with APR over the last four years have seen first hand, the substantial benefits of having no glass in the commingled stream.

Australian Paper Recovery

Australian Paper Recovery

Setting the Standard for Waste Paper Recovery

Australian Paper Recovery has been in the business of collecting waste paper, plastic and cardboard waste since 2002 and has earned an industry leading reputation. In today’s ever increasingly competitive business environment, we are an important resource for many commercial and industrial companies in the recovery and recycling of all grades of waste paper, plastic and cardboard.

APR has been operational since 2002. APR has established it’s packing sheds in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, with it’s own baling and sorting facilities and it’s willingness to contract process.

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