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Yes, if a container has a lid, please take it off. This is because the majority of lids are made from mixed materials. Please place metal lids in the recycling bin and all plastic lids in the general waste bin.
Until manufacturers use the same type of plastic for the lid that they use for the container, we are unable to accept plastic lids. Because plastics melt at different temperatures they are processed by different methods. This makes it impossible to recycle different types of plastics together. Until there is new technology available, plastics lids will need to be placed in the general waste bin.
Containers must be empty. Simply rinse, tip or scrape out solids or liquids from your container.
  • Plastic bottles with code 1 or 2
  • Plastic containers with code 5
If in doubt, leave it out. It goes in the rubbish bin.
No, any coated or waxed cardboard will need to be placed in your rubbish bin. We only accept unwaxed paper, stationery or cardboard materials in the yellow-lidded recycling bin.
Milk and juice cartons like Tetra Pak and liquid paperboard are no longer accepted in the commingled recycling bin. This is due to the cartons having a plastic lining designed to keep the liquid in. At current we can only accept items that can be recycled in Australia. The technology required to separate the plastic lining from the liquid paperboard is not available at present, which means neither of the materials can be recycled efficiently. So in the interim, these will need to go in the waste bin.
These glass items are now being collected separately through a dedicated purple-lidded bin. Please do not put any glass in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
You can only place aerosol cans that are fully empty in your commingled recycling bin. Partially full aerosol cans are considered to be a hazardous item as they can explode during the sorting process when put under pressure due to the flammable gases within. This poses a health and safety hazard for hand sorters working at Material Recovery Facilities.
When buying products, try choosing items that have less packaging. Keep a look out for products with packaging that can be recycled back into new products again.
No, these items do not belong in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
We request that aluminium foil products (such as alfoil and aluminium foil trays) are scrunched or rolled into approximately 10cm diameter balls. This is to help ensure that these products are correctly picked up / identified by the metal detectors during the sorting process.
No, small pieces of paper cannot be sorted at the Material Recovery Facility, as it falls through the machinery and goes to landfill. However, we can accept your shredded paper if it is enclosed in an unwaxed cardboard box/shoe box or paper bag.
Yes, (if empty) inserts for both toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
No, single use face masks/coverings should be placed in your general waste bin.
Yes, unwanted clothes and shoes do not belong in your recycling bin. Depending on the condition of the items, these belong in your general waste bin. Alternatively, you could consider donating your unwanted items to local charities and opportunity shops.
This is considered to be a hard waste item and cannot be placed in your kerbside bins. Always take care when disposing of broken glass and wear gloves (if possible). Your broken mirror glass/window glass or oven glass can be disposed through your local council hard waste collection. Contact your local Council for more information regarding hard waste collection.

Some examples of accepted unwaxed cardboard (paperboard) boxes include pizza boxes, egg cartons, shoe boxes and cereal box packaging.

Waxed cardboard or cardboard coated with a water resistant surface (i.e. disposable coffee cups, milk cartons and fruit boxes etc) are not accepted items under the kerbside recycling service.

Waxed cardboard is a corrugated (multi-layered) cardboard, which is lined with polyethylene to prevent it from getting soggy. Waxed cardboard are commonly used in fruit boxes. To distinguish if the box contains waxed or unwaxed (paperboard) material, scrape your nail across a cardboard box. If you see or find the wax scraped residue under your nail then it is waxed material and not accepted in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

In the case of milk and juice cartons, due to the nature of the packaging design required to hold liquid, be refrigerated or frozen these are coated with a plastic liner. As such, these liquid resistant cartons are not accepted in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

Yes, unwaxed shiny or glossy cardboard such as a toothpaste box can be placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

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